Yoshinobu Sato, Ph.D.


Graduate School of Information Science

Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)


Guest Professor

Department of Radiology
Osaka University
Graduate School of Medicine

Yoshinobu Sato has moved to NAIST from April 1, 2014. His webpage at NAIST is under construction.


E-mail: yoshi(at)is.naist.jp


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He is a strong advocate of a computer science-oriented approach to medical imaging in two complementary directions:




Joint SNSF-JSPS Seminar on Computer-Aided Surgery (22 - 24 September, 2007)

Final Program (PDF)
Proceedings (PDF) Password: jsps-snsf


Hessian-based Multiscale Filtering: Volume Rendering Gallery of Medical Images


Surgical Navigation System for Breast-Conservative Cancer Surgery

(Click here for mpeg movie! [24.3MB])


LMIP: Local Maximum Intensity Projections
(Comparison with exising rendering methods)


Link: Medical Imaging and Computer-Assisted Surgery



Last update: April 26, 2014